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Mobile phones are effective tools for organization and time management when used strategically

Completing Tasks and Chores–with Rewards!

Take a look at the apps below for tracking tasks/chores with ease. Click on the links to see video overviews and download the apps. Each app has a free version, and some require a small, one-time fee for full functionality and customization.

I suggest that you choose one free app and start small–say, with one or two tasks per day for a week–to see how the app works for you and your child. If you don’t like something about the app, try a different one. When you find one you like, add more tasks. Involve your child in determining point values for tasks and rewards. Remember that rewards can be cheap or free. Spending Saturday afternoon baking cookies together or earning the privilege of spending the night at a friend’s house are rewards that won’t break the bank.

iRewardChart for Android and iPhone

Fairshare for Android and iPhone

OurHome for Android and iPhone

Foolproof Alarms and Reminders

Never set your alarm again with these alarms that can be customized and set for particular days. These apps include functionality to limit use of the snooze button, and some options require you to get out of bed to turn the alarm off!

Alarmy for Android and iPhone

Life Time Alarm Clock for Android only

Timely for Android only (now owned by Google & offering additional functionality)