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Support tailored to your child's needs

All kids want to excel and make their families proud, but despite their efforts, they struggle. It’s my mission to discover the obstacles to their progress and provide the tools and training to overcome them.

I begin by getting to know your child as an individual, analyzing the challenges he or she faces, identifying the strengths we can maximize, and pinpointing where and when problems arise.

I interview you–the parent or caregiver–for your observations, concerns and the strategies you are currently using to support your child’s success. I also examine any relevant data that may be available from the school, your child’s doctor, and/or mental health professionals.

I synthesize all of this information to develop an approach targeting your child’s unique needs. We discuss this plan together, agree on specific goals and identify the path to reach them.

I strive to help your child by…

  • cultivating early opportunities to experience success
  • providing caring interactions that build on strengths and openly address weaknesses
  • teaching powerful strategies that apply across subjects and settings
  • evaluating progress and tweaking strategies to turbocharge them

I also offer parents the tools and training for…

  • reinforcing the work I do with your child
  • reducing stress and conflicts that may arise at home
  • communicating effectively with teachers and other school personnel
  • advocating for school accommodations appropriate for your child

I also provide professional referrals if your child may benefit from further evaluation or other specialized support.